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Controversial Essay Topics For Research Papers


It is a known fact that your teacher or course instructor is always interested in the titles / topics of the research papers that are based on controversial essay topics, and this is because just by reading the title or the topics, the reader is interested in reading out the entire research paper in full, as the reader will already be aware about the subject and its controversial nature.

Some of the most controversial essay of current times includes:

  • Should the government revise the legal edge of drinking?
  • War on Terror – What is lost and Gain?
  • Is the 4th world war near?
  • Role of United States in destabilization of Asia.
  • Is the War Justified in anyway?
  • Should there be any changes in the United States’ current schooling system?
  • Role of United Nations in keeping the peace.
  • Is United Nations the slave of United States?
  • Would the world really end in 2012?
  • Why developed countries deny the fact of Global Warming?
  • Is Global Warming a myth or a reality?
  • What is the effect of bullying on the bullied child?
  • How an essay can judge the student’s entire year’s performance in a subject?
  • Is there any difference between Bush and Obama administration?
  • With the current technological evolvement, do you think world would be a safer place till 2020?
  • Effect of Israel over the countries of Middle east
  • Is Israel the real terrorist state?
  • Getting the good grades in an easier way and without day and night study.
  • Why the ratio of earth quakes has been increased from the last decade?
  • Role of Deforestation in global warming
  • Is it fair to do experiments on animals before launching any human product in the market?
  • Why there is a need of doing Nuclear Disarmament from all the nuclear power countries?
  • Why there is a need of doing proper nuclear and Hazardous waste?
  • Reasons of increased suicidal attempts among college and university students.